Journal of Technogenic and Ecological Safety was founded to provide opportunities for scientists, doctoral students, postgraduates (adjuncts) and specialists to publish their experimental and theoretical research in the field of science, technology and technology aimed at providing technogenic and environmental safety (technical sciences). The scientific and technical journal is an advanced platform for specialists in the field of science and technology.

 Journal of Technogenic and Ecological Safety publishes original research articles and review articles covering all technogenic and environmental issues, forecasting the development of these problems and their consequences for the environment, ways to solve them in all areas of technogenic activity, and also activities to reduce risks and ensure environmental safety.

 Journal of Technogenic and Ecological Safety supports the policy of open access to published materials, provides researchers with access to them without financial and technical barriers.

 The main goal of Journal of Technogenic and Ecological Safety is to become a source of high-quality research from around the world.

 Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • development and search for rational forms of environmental safety control and management;
  • assessment and forecasting of the technogenic pollution impact on surrounding natural environment and human health;
  • development of environmentally safe manufacturing processes and equipment providing both rational use of natural resources and compliance with standards of harmful influences on surrounding environment;
  • development of environmental monitoring systems and technical means of surrounding natural environment condition control and technogenic-environmental safety assessment for regions and separate ecosystems;
  • development and substantiation of actions for improvement of environmental condition of industrially overloaded regions;
  • development and substantiation of rational methods of treatment of wastes of different genesis;
  • development and introduction of biochemical and chemical-technological products, processes and systems for provision of technogenic-environmental safety

Frequency of issue numbers – Bi-Annual.

Papers are published in English, Ukrainian, Russian